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Are you a Lawyer or Law firm? Call Nomosots:

Toll Free +1-888-240-6884

Nomosots LPO Nomosots LPO

Center of excellence

We as a team, combined offer to you at 50% of your less operational expenses
Hurry up and enroll with Nomosots to save your money.

  • Software application for case management system
  • Human resource for your case handlings
  • Human resource for your documentations
  • Human resources for handling your calls
  • Human resource for handling your claims
  • Automated system marketing such as SEO, Digital and social.
  • Indian and American attorneys for case drafting
  • Contract Drafting Services & Contract Monitoring/Management

Law firm, Law offices and lawyers do not need to open their own LPO. We never thought but believe in becoming each others' strength. Most law firms and corporations outsource primarily to save cash, and this is considered the biggest advantage for legal outsourcing. While an attorney in major legal markets such as the US may charge from $150 to $500 per hour when performing the services, Nomosots generally charge a small fraction of that price. It has attracted major lawyers, law firms, law offices and corporations to outsource specific work outside their departments.

  • "We are always looking to recruit the best and most diverse talent we can find and Nomosots fills a nice niche for us. They are a well-rounded organization with skillful team of professionals. Nomosots's team is leveraged with excellent drafting and research skills. I am using Nomosots for my operations and will gladly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you Nomosots for such a great experience."

    Tanya Gendelman, Esq.

  • "Nomosots currently provides services to our firm in the areas of Legal Operation Management, Marketing and Technology services. I would like to thank and their entire team for their excellent quality of work and for making our office more profitable. Nomosots provide very effective services that significantly reduce our operational expenses and help us meets our clients' deadlines."

  • "In spite of setbacks, the LPO industry has seen growth of about 40-60% in the last year.Although some areas of practice, such as real estate, have drastically collapsed due to the recession, some areas such as litigation, document review, and corporate compliance have gained ground, resulting in business directed to Nomosots and its associates