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Are you a Lawyer or Law firm? Call Nomosots:

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Nomosots LPO Nomosots LPO

HR Policy

The establishment of Nomosots policies to help delivering quality service to the lawyers, Law firms and law offices, it meets requirements for diversity, ethics and training as well as its commitments in relation to regulation and corporate governance of its employees. Nomosots HR Policy sets out obligations, standards of behavior and document disciplinary procedures, and is the standard approach to meeting any obligations.

Our HR policy is limited and committed to quality service delivery, Our Managers, coordinators, staff, technologist and lawyers are dedicated to the client and we all believe like a sportsman and spirit is to get the goal for our client. Concentrating on time, taking advantage of time zone, and 3 step process and production deliveries are almost monitored 4 times by 4 departments a day.


  • We follow the hierarchy of each quality and operational level to exceed the client’s expectations.
  • Management and behavioral training.
  • Work force management
  • Learning and development skills
  • Client specific priority and delivery.
  • Client specific process training and skill development
  • Team leaderships
  • Assignment and delegations
  • Completion and delivery
  • Quality and co-co-ordinations.
  • Organization Value & Culture.
  • Cross Functional Growth
  • Freedom Of Operation
  • Fixed and Flexible Timings.
  • Dress Code.
  • Fun at Work.
  • Resource planning and skill utilizations
  • "We are always looking to recruit the best and most diverse talent we can find and Nomosots fills a nice niche for us. They are a well-rounded organization with skillful team of professionals. Nomosots's team is leveraged with excellent drafting and research skills. I am using Nomosots for my operations and will gladly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you Nomosots for such a great experience."

    Tanya Gendelman, Esq.

  • "Nomosots currently provides services to our firm in the areas of Legal Operation Management, Marketing and Technology services. I would like to thank and their entire team for their excellent quality of work and for making our office more profitable. Nomosots provide very effective services that significantly reduce our operational expenses and help us meets our clients' deadlines."

  • "In spite of setbacks, the LPO industry has seen growth of about 40-60% in the last year.Although some areas of practice, such as real estate, have drastically collapsed due to the recession, some areas such as litigation, document review, and corporate compliance have gained ground, resulting in business directed to Nomosots and its associates