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Nomosots LPO Nomosots LPO

Inshore and Offshore team

  • Maintain file including documents involving contact with insurance carrier(s), client, health care provider(s), and employer and state/local agencies.
  • Obtain, review, organize, and analyze medical records. If appropriate, compile medical notebook for each individual involved in action..
  • Conduct computerized medical, scientific, and technical literature research. Analyze materials and prepare synopsis.
  • Obtain and compile records relating to product history and information about similar products, including research and developmen,manufacture, patent/copyright filings, instructions for use, distribution, sales, and advertising documents.t
  • Attend site, product, accident, or vehicle inspection.
  • As necessary and appropriate, interview doctors, nurses, and hospital personnel involved in patient care.
  • Obtain, review, and organize damage information; calculate damages (medical expenses, lost wages, household expenses, consortium claims, property damages); prepare, maintain, and update damage summaries
  • Prepare settlement proposals, including assembling information on the history of plaintiff and the nature and effect of injuries and damages.
  • Develop information and acquire records for wrongful death, i.e., supporting evidence regarding sibling and/or child/parent economic claims.
  • Obtain factual information about products, companies, and individuals from various resources, including government agencies.
  • As necessary and appropriate, arrange medical examinations for client or opposing parties.