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Exclusively for Lawyers and Law firms

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Nomosots LPO Nomosots LPO Nomosots LPO Nomosots LPO Nomosots LPO

Legal Process Outsourcing
Services for Lawyers


Our services allow lawyers to reduce their operating costs without compromising the quality of their work.

Legal outsourcing, also known as legal process outsourcing (LPO) refers to the practice of a law firm obtaining legal support services from Nomosots an outside legal support services company (LPO provider). Nomosots LPO is a Medico-Legal outsourcing service provider with a proven success record in providing services such as Pr-lit, Litigation, Obtaining medical records, Research, Drafting of Pleadings, many more..

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Legal Support Services for Lawyers
"Where Expertise meets Excellence"


Legal Outsourcing consists of various processes, which can be classified primarily into quantitative tasks and qualitative tasks.

We offer legal practice in the areas of No-fault Collections, Personal Injury Claims, Bodily Injury, Health Claims, Medical Malpractice, Real Estate Documentations, IPR filings and Researches, Bankruptcy Documentation, Divorce Works, Immigrations Letters, Corporate & Commercial, Litigation & Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Best In Class Right Hand Benefits

Documentation & Drafting By Indian Lawyers & Legal Professionals


We do not intend to solely sell you any service or product, but help you to judge whether following the trend makes sense to you or not, in order to successfully run or grow your practice.

The firm is promoted by senior legal professionals having long professional & corporate experience, who are committed to provide the best professional Medical-Legal-Outsourcing services to the lawyers and law firms, empowering them to meet their specialized legal practice requirements, right from begining to its successful implementation.

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Successfully completed 7 years of providing Legal Process Outsourcing Services to the lawyers


Litigation Services to Lawyers

We at Nomosots provide best and ethical services to the Personal Injury lawyers, No fault Lawyers, Real estate lawyers, and other lawyers on drafting Pleading | Pretrial discovery | Trial and judgment | Appeal | Discovery | Lit & Pre-Lit | Interrogatories | Depositions | Default judgment | Summary judgment Motion, Document Review and Markups, Real Estate Conveyance, Contracts, Many more.. Call Nomosots. Read More Analytics

Legal Technology Information System and Case Management Beta


We do not let you fall down if you missed your law firm or law office target:

By every day, information technology is spreading its area of work and reach, adding convenience but at the same time forcing us to exist in an arena of complex competition.

Nomosots Services– has introduced a new solution for legal services organizations. LTISbeta will provide a device-independent, interactive experience for legal service providers, their business partners and clients.


We Are Creating Milestones For Lawyers.


We obtain medical records, do adjustments, by calling, emailing, sending letters, and also receive calls for you, many more..

There are several benefits to the idea of using LPO to manage various types of legal services.

    • 1. Access to external talent
    • 2. Flexibility | Reduced turnaround time
    • 3. Indian Attorneys with US/UK qualification
    • 4. labor cost differential-it almost cost up to 50% less than the US firms
    • 5. 24/7 working and reporting

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Who We Are & Why Nomosots??

Who We Are

Nomosots LPO has a customer-centric approach. So besides striving for excellence, we also appreciate the commercial environment in which our clients operate. We delve deep to understand the nature of each client's business, the market in which the client operates, any underlying risks, and real business issues involved in their matters. A close and effective relationship is crucial when dealing with complex legal matters...

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What We Do

    Bookkeeping : Manages all accounts and billing activities
    • Administrative tasks : Manages all operations and development task on daily, weekly and monthly basis
    • Documentation & drafting: Pr-lit, litigation, arbitration, research, coding, and all legal support documentation and drafting.
    • HR and Marketing : Complete Human resource operations, handling, process, activity, development, IT support, SEO, SMO, website development, Web traffic, digital and social marketing

    Many More..

Our Pricings

Most law firms and corporations outsource primarily to save cash, and this is considered the biggest advantage for legal outsourcing. While a legal employee in major legal markets such as the US may charge from $100 to $500 per hour when performing the services, Nomosots generally charge a small fraction of that price. It has attracted major lawyers and law firms to outsource specific work outside their departments. .

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Why You Should Choose Us

  • Reliable, Ethical & Cost Effective

    Excellent Client Co-ordination & Reduces operational cost.

    For Best Practices

    We do not let you fall down if you missed your law firm or law office target:

    Dedicated Employee with 24/7 reporting

    We Are Creating Milestones For Lawyers. Case handling Priorities, Where Quality is never ruling over quantity.

    • Legal Resources for Lawyers

      We offer solutions incorporating the true needs and risks of our clients, and help them be anticipatory rather than merely reactionary. All your claim processing operational services under one roof. Expert lawyers, paralegals and software professional 24/7. Save up to 60% of your expenses.

    • Cost Effective : Save Time and Money

      There are several benefits to the idea of using LPO to manage various types of legal services. One of the more common advantages has to do with managing legal costs. In many cases, corporations can outsource relatively uncomplicated legal matters to outside legal firms for a fraction of what it would cost to have the higher paid in-house legal team handle those matters.

    • Quality with Quantity

      Customer Centricity Help clients achieve their core business objectives by consistently delivering best in class services, 100% quality & accuracy and exceed their expectation.

  • "We are always looking to recruit the best and most diverse talent we can find and Nomosots fills a nice niche for us. They are a well-rounded organization with skillful team of professionals. Nomosots's team is leveraged with excellent drafting and research skills. I am using Nomosots for my operations and will gladly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you Nomosots for such a great experience."

    Tanya Gendelman, Esq.

  • "Nomosots currently provides services to our firm in the areas of Legal Operation Management, Marketing and Technology services. I would like to thank and their entire team for their excellent quality of work and for making our office more profitable. Nomosots provide very effective services that significantly reduce our operational expenses and help us meets our clients' deadlines."

  • "In spite of setbacks, the LPO industry has seen growth of about 40-60% in the last year.Although some areas of practice, such as real estate, have drastically collapsed due to the recession, some areas such as litigation, document review, and corporate compliance have gained ground, resulting in business directed to Nomosots and its associates